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16.10.2017 - Welcome to HiWi Nicola Gericke from the LMU Biology Master programme.

01.10.2017 - Welcome to technical assistant Susanne Mentz!

15.09.2017 - Welcome to Michael Isselstein from the LMU Physics Departments, who starts in the lab as a research assistant.

11.09.2017 - Christian Gebhardt starts his PhD in the lab in the framework of the ERC StG "SM-IMPORT". Welcome to the first physicist!

01.08.2017 - Alessandra Narducci from Monopoly starts her PhD in the lab in the framework of the ERC StG "SM-IMPORT" and supports the team with expertise in biology.

13.07.2017 – Inaugural lecture of Thorben Cordes during the “Tag der offenen Tür”!

12.07.2017 - Rebecca receives a GRK "First-grant" worth 2.000 € to conduct a project on visualization of conformational states of proteins using novel approaches.

01.07.2017 – Rebecca Mächtel starts her PhD project in the lab within GRK2062 - welcome!

01.07.2017 – The AG Cordes “Physical and Synthetic Biology” officially starts at the Biocenter at LMU.

10.05.2017 – Thorben Cordes received funding from the Center of Nano Science “CeNS” for a collaborative project with Prof. Jan Lipfert (Molecular Biophysics, LMU) on conformational states of proteins!

04.05.2017 – The AG Cordes is now officially part of GRK2062 “Molecular Principles of Synthetic Biology” that is funded by the DFG.