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Bacterial Cell Biology

Dozent(en) Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp
Prof. Dr. A. Klingl

The lecture series is devoted to microbial cell biology. Recent advances in microbiology have demonstrated that prokaryotic cells have an highly organized and dynamic suvcellular architecture. The lecture will introduce into the current knowledge of bacterial and archaeal fine structure. It will provide an overview over modern light, fluorescent and electron microscopic techniques for studying microbial cellular architecture. Among major topics are the structure and function of bacterial compartments, organelles, appendages and cytoskeletal elements. Key cellular processes such as prokaryotic cell division and differentiation will be highlighted. A further focus will be on prokaryotic cell walls including peptidoglycan architecture as well as S-layer proteins. The last part of the lecture will provide an overview about microbial unicellular eukaryotes and some aspects and developments of synthetic microbiology.

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