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Job opportunities

Current openings: We have openings for two postdoctoral researchers with a strong background in (i) biochemistry/molecular biology of membrane transporters and (ii) smFRET structure elucidation and multiparameter fluorescence analysis. Each of the positions is available for two years via the Henriette Herz-Scouting-Programm of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation with a flexible starting date. Get in touch for more information.

There is no matching vacancy? But you are interested in interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry and physics? Get in touch with Thorben Cordes (cordes@bio.lmu.de) for postdoc, PhD or undergraduate research possibilities. Postdoc applicants should be willing to apply for funding (see list of fellowships below).


Postdoc funding opportunities:

Marie- Sklodowska-Curie (IF)

EMBO long term fellowship

Leopoldina Postdoc Stipendium

Humboldt Research Fellowship

FEBS long term fellowship

HFSP long term fellowship

DAAD PhD scholarship