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A full list of publications can be found on the Google Scholar profile of Thorben Cordes.

Key publications AG Cordes

Molecular Mechanisms of Membrane Transport (Area 1):

1) G. Gouridis, et al., “ABCE1 Controls Ribosome Recycling by an Asymmetric Dynamic Conformational Equilibrium”, Cell Reports 28 (2019) 723-734. -> LINK 

2) M. de Boer, et al. „Conformational and dynamical plasticity in substrate-binding proteins underlies selective transport in ABC importers”, eLife 8 (2019) e44652. -> LINK

3) F. Husada & K. Bountra, et al. “Conformational dynamics of the ABC transporter McjD seen by single‐molecule FRET”, The EMBO Journal (2018) e100056. -> LINK

4) A. Aminian Jazi, et al. „ Single-molecule Förster-resonance energy transfer using temporal separation of fluorescent signals by caged fluorophores “, Biochemistry 56 (2017) 2031-2041. -> LINK

5) G. Gouridis, et al. „Conformational Dynamics in Substrate-Binding Domains Influence Transport in the ABC Importer GlnPQ“, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 22 (2015) 57-64. -> LINK


Novel approaches to unravel fundamental principles in chemistry and catalysis (Area 2):

1) T. Cordes & S. A. Blum: „Opportunities and Challenges in Single-Molecule and -Particle Fluorescence Microscopy for Mechanistic Studies of Chemical Reactions“, Nature Chemistry 5 (2013) 993-998. -> LINK

2) T.H. Herzog et al. „The photochemical ring opening reaction of chromene as seen by transient absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy”, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 12 (2013) pages 1202-1209. -> LINK


Development of new spectroscopy and microscopy methods (Area 3):

1) J. H. Smit, et al. „On the impact of competing intra-and intermolecular triplet-state quenching on photobleaching and photoswitching kinetics of organic fluorophores“, PhysChemChemPhys 21 (2019) 3721-3733. -> LINK

2) E. Lerner & T. Cordes et al. „Toward dynamic structural biology: Two decades of single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer “, Science 359 (2018). -> LINK

3) B. Hellenkamp et al. „Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements—a multi-laboratory benchmark study”, Nature Methods 15 (2018) 669-676. -> LINK

4) E. Ploetz & E. Lerner, et al. „PIFE and FRET as synergetic multi-scale molecular rulers“, Scientific Reports 6:33257 (2016). -> LINK

5) J. H. M. van der Velde, et al. „A Simple and Versatile Design Concept for Fluorophore Derivatives with Intramolecular Photostabilization“, Nature Communications 7:10444 (2016). -> LINK



1) S. W. Hell, et al. “The 2015 super-resolution microscopy roadmap”, Journal of Physics D 48 (2015) 443001. -> LINK

2) J. Hohlbein, et al. „Alternating Laser Excitation: Single-Molecule FRET and Beyond“, Chemical Society Reviews 43 (2014) 1156-1171. -> LINK

3) P. Tinnefeld & T. Cordes: „’Self-Healing Dyes’ – Intramolecular Stabilization of Organic Fluorophores“, Nature Methods 9 (2012) 426-427. -> LINK