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Key publications AG Cordes

Biomolecular Mechanisms

1) G. Gouridis, et al. „Structural dynamics in the evolution of a bilobed protein scaffold“, PNAS (2021) - LINK
2) K. Tassis et al. „Single-molecule studies of conformational states and dynamics in the ABC importer OpuA“, FEBS Letters (2021) - LINK
3) M. de Boer, et al. „Conformational and dynamic plasticity in substrate-binding proteins underlies selective transport in ABC importers”, eLife (2019). - LINK
4) G. Gouridis, et al. „ABCE1 Controls Ribosome Recycling by an Asymmetric Dynamic Conformational Equilibrium“, Cell Reports (2019) - LINK
5) F. Husada, et al. „Conformational dynamics of the ABC transporter McjD seen by single‐molecule FRET”, The EMBO Journal (2018) - LINK
6) G. Gouridis, et al. „Conformational Dynamics in Substrate-Binding Domains Influence Transport in the ABC Importer GlnPQ“, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 22 (2015) - LINK


Fluorophore development and chemical biology

1) L. Zhang, et al. „Linker Molecules Convert Commercial Fluorophores into Tailored Functional Probes during Biolabelling“, Angewandte Chemie (2022). - LINK
2) S. Henrikus, et al. „Characterization of fluorescent proteins with intramolecular photostabilization“, ChemBioChem 22 (2021). - LINK
3) J. H. M. van der Velde, et al. „A Simple and Versatile Design Concept for Fluorophore Derivatives with Intramolecular Photostabilization“, Nature Communications 7:10444 (2016). - LINK
4) J. H. M. van der Velde, et al. „Mechanism of Intramolecular Photostabilization in Self-Healing Cyanine Fluorophores“, ChemPhysChem (2013). - LINK


Biophysical assays and instrumentation

1) M.F. Peter, et al. „Cross-validation of distance measurements in proteins by PELDOR/DEER and single-molecule FRET“, Nature Communications (2022) - LINK
2) J. H. Smit, et al. „ColiCoords: A Python package for the analysis of bacterial fluorescence microscopy data“, PLoS ONE (2019). - LINK
3) A. Aminian Jazi, et al. „Single-molecule Förster-resonance energy transfer using temporal separation of fluorescent signals by caged fluorophores“, Biochemistry 56 (2017) 2031-2041. - LINK
4) E. Ploetz, et al. „PIFE and FRET as synergetic multi-scale molecular rulers“, Scientific Reports 6:33257 (2016). - LINK


Review articles

1) E. Lerner et al., „FRET-based dynamic structural biology: Challenges, perspectives and an appeal for open-science practices“, eLife (2021) - LINK
2) M. Isselstein et al. „Self-Healing Dyes - Keeping the Promise?“, JPC Letters (2020). - LINK
3) R. Mächtel et al. „An integrated transport mechanism of the maltose ABC importer“, Research in Microbiology (2019). - LINK
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5) S. W. Hell, et al. „The 2015 super-resolution microscopy roadmap”, Journal of Physics D (2015). - LINK
6) J. Hohlbein, et al. „Alternating Laser Excitation: Single-Molecule FRET and Beyond“, Chemical Society Reviews (2014). - LINK
7) T. Cordes & S. A. Blum: „Opportunities and Challenges in Single-Molecule and -Particle Fluorescence Microscopy for Mechanistic Studies of Chemical Reactions“, Nature Chemistry (2013). - LINK
8) P. Tinnefeld & T. Cordes: „Self-Healing Dyes - Intramolecular Stabilization of Organic Fluorophores“, Nature Methods (2012). - LINK