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Thermophorese (MST)


Mobile particles exhibit different responses to the force of a temperature gradient. This ohenomenon is called thermophoresis. The Bioanalytics core facility is equipped with a Monolith NT.115 device (NanoTemper) Microscale-Thermophoresis device that is based on detection of fluorescent proteins or dyes. Therefore, affinities of biomolecular interactions of dye-labelled proteins or DNA e.g. with any non-labelled compound and can easily be measured in solution in any buffer or complex bioliquid, using only a tiny amount of sample. We offer training at the instrument and help interpreting the data. Usage is at cost, so users only have to pay consumables (glass capillaries) that have to be bought by themselves.

Please contact bioanalytics@bio.lmu.de for further information or a booking account.