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Mikrobiologisches Kolloquium / Microbiological Colloquium

Semester Summer 2023

Biozentrum, LMU München
Bereich Mikrobiologie
Großhaderner Str. 2-4
82152 Martinsried

Unless otherwise stated, all lectures are on Tuesdays at 5:15 pm.

Lecture Hall: B01.027


Thursday, 20.04.2023

5:15 pm

B 01.027

Dr. Florian Schueder

(Yale University)

Development of DNA-based smart probes for multiplexed super-resolution microscopy

Tuesday, 25.04.2023

PD Dr. Sven Halbedel

(RKI Wernigerode)

Control of Listeria monocytogenes peptidoglycan biosynthesis by an essential protein phosphorylation

Friday, 05.05.2023
B 00.019

Keynote Seminar Series, Faculty of Biology 

Prof. Ariane Briegel

(Leiden University)

Cryo-Electron Tomography contributes to our understanding of bacterial interactions with their environment

Tuesday, 09.05.2023

Prof. Dr. Simon Heilbronner

(LMU München)

Staphylococcal Iron-Acquisition at the Host-Microbiome Interface

Tuesday, 13.06.2023

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rabus

(Universität Oldenburg)

Striking physiology and cell biology of environmental microorganisms

Tuesday, 20.06.2023

Prof. Dr. Enrica Bordignon

(University of Geneva)

In-cell detection of membrane proteins’ conformations using spin-labeled nanobodies

Tuesday, 04.07.2023

Prof. Dr. Fabian M. Commichau

(Universität Hohenheim)

The evolution of glyphosate resistance in bacteria uncovers essential genes and metabolic bypasses