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Mikrobiologisches Kolloquium

Soweit nicht anders angegeben, finden die Veranstaltungen im Kleinen Hörsaal I
(B 01.019), Biozentrum, Großhadernerstr.2, 82152 Martinsried,
jeweils um 17:15 Uhr statt.

Datum Vortragende Thema
Di, 02.10.2018
Prof. Dr. Joshua W. Shaevitz (Princeton University) Self-driven phase transitions in living matter
Di, 30.10.2018 Prof. Dr. Jay Hinton (University of Liverpool) Comparative transcriptomics identifies a single SNP mutation that controls virulence of African Salmonella
Di, 06.11.2018
15:15 ! 
PD Dr. Tim Clausen
(IMP Wien)
The phospho-kiss of death: Revealing a specific phospho-signal that serves as degradation tag
Di, 13.11.2018 Dr. Nicole Robb
(University of Oxford)
Single-molecule fluorescence tools to study and detect viruses
Di, 20.11.2018 Prof. Dr. Robert Ford (University of Manchester) Collie dogs, antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs: One family to rule them all?
Fr, 30.11.2018 12:00 B00.019 Prof. Dr. Rotem Sorek (Weizmann Institute of Science) Beyond CRISPR: The immune system of bacteria
Di, 04.12.2018 Prof. Dr. Alexandre Persat (EPFL, Lausanne) Mechanosensing with type IV pili in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Di, 11.12.2018 Prof. Dr. Michael Bott
(Forschungszentrum Jülich)
Ribosome numbers at different growth rates – evidence for a biphasic relationship in the Gram-positive model organism Corynebacterium glutamicum
Di, 18.12.2018 Dr. Christopher Mulligan (University of Kent) Life’s ups and downs: probing the mechanism of an elevator-like transporter
Di, 29.01.2019 Prof. Dr. Sonja-Verena Albers (Universität Freiburg) tba
Di, 05.02.2019 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wohlleben
(Universität Tübingen)
Optimization of Natural Product Biosynthesis by Engineering Primary Metabolic Pathways