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Mikrobiologisches Kolloquium

Soweit nicht anders angegeben, finden die Veranstaltungen im Kleinen Hörsaal I
(B 01.019) jeweils um 17:15 Uhr statt


Mi, 04.10.2017

Prof. Dr. John S. Parkinson
(University of Utah, USA)

"Dissecting the three-protein brain of a bacterium: E. coli's chemosensory array"

Di, 17.10.2017

Dr. Seamus Holden (CBCB Newcastle, UK)

"Breaking up is hard to do: how a dynamic protein nanomachine drives bacterial cell division"

Di, 14.11.2017

Prof. Dr. Olivier Espeli (College de France)

"Environmental stress adaptation of the bacterial cell cycle"


Di, 21.11.2017


Dr. Mariana Gomes de Pinho
(ITQB Nova, Lisboa)



"Coordination of cell division and peptidoglycan synthesis in Staphylococcus aureus"

Di, 05.12.2017

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudel (Universität Würzburg)

"Life inside cells: Subversion strategies of pathogenic Chlamydia"

Di, 09.01.2018

Prof. Brenda Schulman (Max-Planck-Institut, Martinsried)

"Posing a contortionist E3 ligase for stepwise regulation of cell division"

Di, 16.01.2018

Prof. Dr. Andres Jäschke
(Universität Heidelberg)

"Chemical Biology of RNA – New epitranscriptomic modifications and
novel imaging approaches"

Di, 23.01.2018

Prof. Dr. Andrei N. Lupas (Max-Planck-Institut, Tübingen)

"A hybrid approach to the study of two-component signal transduction"

Di, 30.01.2018

Prof. Dr. Achillefs Kapanidis
(University of Oxford)

"Molecular cinematography of gene transcription"

Di, 06.02.2018

Prof. Dr. Robert Tampé
(Universität Frankfurt)

"Immunity service – molecular symbiosis of membrane translocation, chaperone networking, and quality control"