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Job opportunities

Are you interested in interdisciplinary research between biology, chemistry and physics? Contact Thorben Cordes (cordes@bio.lmu.de) for postdoc, PhD or undergraduate research possibilities. Postdoc applicants should be willing to apply for funding (see list of fellowships below).


We currently have the following openings:

- Phd position "Single-molecule studies of secondary-active transporters and their environmental dependence (project 11)" within ETN NeuroTrans (http://neurotrans.org); applications only via https://neurotrans.meduniwien.ac.at/recruitment/


Postdoc funding opportunities:

Marie- Sklodowska-Curie (IF)

EMBO long term fellowship

Leopoldina Postdoc Stipendium

Humboldt Research Fellowship

FEBS long term fellowship

HFSP long term fellowship